Bachelor’s thesis – administration

Administration is one of the most frequently chosen fields of study. This widely known field of knowledge is indispensable in many different spheres of public life, including political and economic. Studies in the field of administration are primarily aimed at preparing to work in state organs and local self-government. Completing the administration gives the graduate an excellent orientation in many areas, and also allows to acquire practical skills, thus enabling employment in various positions requiring knowledge of legal regulations and their practical application. The graduate has the ability to use general knowledge in the field of economic and social sciences, in particular the sciences on law and administration.

The leading subjects taught at the administration include, inter alia, administrative law, financial law, labor law, public administration and administrative policy, administrative and administrative judiciary, environmental protection, European Union law, organization and management, banking and credit system.

Competences acquired during studies in the field of administration:

  • organization and management in public administration,
  • information techniques in public administration,
  • various areas of law, including, inter alia, administrative law, employment or European Union law.
  • First-cycle (bachelor) studies last three years and end with obtaining a bachelor’s degree after completing the BA thesis and passing the exam.

Work perspectives after graduation

A bachelor’s thesis and a good mark at the diploma in administration opens the door to employment in many companies, institutions and offices.

Examples of professions that can be taken after administrative studies:

  • officer of uniformed services (eg in the Police, Intelligence Agency, municipal guard, Internal Security Agency),
  • an employee of the administrative department in the company as a financial adviser or tax expert,
  • an employee of the diplomatic service, EU agenda,
  • employee of self-government and government administration and non-governmental institutions,
  • real estate office employee, insurance company, bank, etc.
  • Writing bachelor’s theses – administration

Contrary to popular opinion, graduating in the field of administration and defense of a BA thesis is not necessarily synonymous with the need to spend a whole career as a secretary or monotonous clerical work. These studies give a lot more opportunities, and it’s not surprising that they are more and more eagerly chosen by graduates of general secondary schools or technical secondary schools after passing the final exams.

Studies in the field of administration are not easy, and their completion depends, among other things, on how the BA thesis will be written. Regardless of the topic chosen, this type of diploma thesis must be a valuable study, both in terms of its content, language and style.

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What does writing a bachelor’s thesis cover for administration?

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We offer our clients support at such stages of writing bachelor’s theses as:

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  • choosing professional literature of the subject,
  • assistance in checking the work in terms of content, language and in terms of applicable formal requirements.

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Bachelor’s thesis administration – sample topics

1. Crisis management in local government units.

Bachelor’s thesis on crisis management in local government units, consisting of three chapters: crisis management in the state, crisis management in the poviat and the diagnosis of crisis management in the selected poviat. Issues that can be addressed at work include: the essence of crisis management, the role and tasks of the poviat in the context of crisis management, threats to the security of citizens.

2. Prohibition of competition in the employment relationship.

Work dealing with the problem of non-competition in the employment relationship, consisting of three chapters: the notion, genesis and general meaning of non-competition (history of non-competition, statutory non-competition prohibitions, non-competition agreement, form of non-competition agreement), non-competition agreement during the employment relationship and non-competition agreement after termination of employment.

3. Disability pension.

Bachelor’s thesis describing the most important issues related to disability pensions. The study consists of four chapters: the social insurance system in UK, the conditions for the acquisition of the right to a disability pension, general information on the procedure for granting disability pension and the coordination of the right to a disability pension in the event of incapacity for work within the European Union.

4. Tasks and organization of the social assistance system in UK.

Work on the tasks and organization of the social assistance system in UK. The study contains four chapters: general concept of social assistance (essence and the most important legal regulations), social assistance tasks and their division between self-government units (tasks of communes, poviats, voivodships), social welfare organizational units (social welfare homes, social welfare centers, intervention centers crisis) and social workers.

5. Legal and geodetic division of real estate.

Bachelor’s thesis that deals with the most important issues related to the legal and geodetic division of real estate. The study consists of four chapters: the concept of real estate, types of real estate (land, forest, agricultural land, located in the city, building, housing, etc.), property designation for geodetic purposes (entries in the land and buildings register) and the basis for geodetic division ( administrative decision, geodetic division).

6. Electronic signature in comparative law.

Work on various aspects of electronic signature in comparative law. The study consists of five chapters: an electronic signature and its types (definition – what is an electronic signature, electronic signature in various countries around the world), effects of electronic signatures, signing and verifying signature, certification service providers and technical issues of electronic signature (encryption, authentication, the process of obtaining a certificate).

7. The concept of an entrepreneur in European law.

Work on the concept of entrepreneur in European law, consisting of four chapters: economic activity – conceptual relations – entrepreneur and enterprise, history of entrepreneur’s concept in European legislation, modern years – entrepreneur, buyer, specificity of regulation on state-owned enterprises. Issues raised at work include, among others, the legal bases of business operations, categories of business entities, and the right to run a business.

8. Public administration in UK and the EU.

Bachelor’s thesis dealing with the most important issues related to public administration in UK and European Union countries, consisting of three chapters: characteristics of public administration bodies (government administration bodies, self-government bodies, other entities performing public administration tasks), public administration in UK and public administration in selected EU countries.

9. Central public administration bodies.

A work describing central public administration bodies, containing three chapters: public administration reform (government administration, local government administration), government administration (concept and division of central administration bodies, government field administration, complex government administration) and central government administration bodies and their tasks (Council Ministers, Prime Minister, Chairman of committees, Committee for Scientific Research).

10. Administrative decision – procedural issues.

Bachelor’s thesis dealing with procedural issues related to the administrative decision. An elaboration consisting of three chapters: the concept of an administrative act, the concept of an administrative decision (legal norm included in the decision, forms of decision) and elements of the decision (designation of the authority issuing the decision, designation of the addressee, date of issue, establishment of the legal basis, factual and legal justification).